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We just made a playground!

notion image
Hi everyone, it’s happy to accounce that we just released a Copicake Playground for our users!
If you have created template and setup needed placeholders correctly in it, right now you can navigate to this playground page and test directly!
As you can see, in the playgorund, all you need to do is to type API token, template id and needed changes and no more!
After you prepare everything, you just need to click the “Submit” button and the playground itself will start to do the following rendering works! After few seconds of rendering, the final result will be presented to you on the “Live Preview” section!
One last notice, the rendering is bound to your API key, so bascially each submit would be counted as one-time rendering if it’s rendered successfully. Please use your rendering quote wisely :)
That’s it and hope you all like this new feature! Happy copicaking 😃